Software for Energy Savings and Environmental Management

There is a very high degree of probability that your company can save (make) money on pro- active environmental and energy management.

A recent survey of 18 companies in different industries*, confirm considerable environmental advantages economic benefits. The biggest savings obtained was: 

  • 25 % on Electricity

  • 39 % on Heating/cooling

  • 40 % on Water

  • 31 % on the total budget 

Energy and Environmental Management
Experience and options
PowerPoint presentation (Danish)

We offer software solutions for a single PC, or network corporation, typically used for the following applications:

See examples of software interface  

Graphic illustration of areas of application and data collection     

Examples of Computer Software Interface

Choice between graphic and pathfinder interface

Example of photo or process diagram as interface

Examples of graphic illustrations

System keywords:

The software is supplied with MSDE database, alternatively with MSQL server.
Min. Pentium 166 processor and 64 MB RAM.

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